Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thank You, Bonne Chance Collections!

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been kinda absent from the blog lately! But I'm back now, and here to stay, because school's out and I have a bunch of time in my hands! In case you haven't seen already I started a museum, which I have been posting regularly too, so if you're wondering where I've been, check it out.

 So because I've recently graduated 8th grade, I came into a little money, which I've been rapidly burning through. Most of my dough has been put towards THE BEST, most adorable, cutest, sweetest, nicest boutique,  Bonne Chance Collections. They mostly sell dresses, and a few shirts on occasion. Their dresses feature adorable novelty prints, comfortable fits, and adorable features like lace-y collars and bows. I put together this little ensemble with a dress the postman delivered yesterday.

Dress: Bonne Chance Collections (not on site)
Bag: Handmade
Shoes: Sammydress (sold out)

  I haven't seen this dress on their site, but they just released their spring line, which is filled with super cute pieces, so you should check it out! My favorites are the moonrise kingdom dottie dress, country cutie bow back dress, and the field of daisies dress. Most of the dressed have a half slip lining, and partial elastic in the back, or a smocked waist. The majority of the dresses have a side zipper. This particular one is made of chiffon, and some of their dresses are made of cotton. Their dresses are all under fifty dollars, and most of the time they have a promotion going so that you can get them for under forty. They have free two day shipping, and I have never had a package exceed that amount of time, or have a package lost or stolen, though they are insured. They come in a flat rate envelop or box, depending on how many you order. The dresses are gift wrapped in adorable paper featuring animals or cute patterns. They have a little thank you note attached :) The dresses are extremely well made; I would give them 5/5 stars. I highly recommend ordering from them for their quality, durability, adorable looks, ease of use, and price.

   I haven't really gone into detail about it, but I did mention that I was sick from December-May. I'm still getting over it, and any physical exertion is a struggle. Basically, I got the flu and fainted. The flu itself didn't last very long, but for days after my ear was plugged, until my eardrum ripped and it leaked clear liquid at first, then blood and pus (yuck). It drained for many weeks. After getting on the right medication, my ear was better, but the fluid had infected the bone and muscle around it and had damaged the nerves, causing terrible a terrible constant headache and dizziness, that still occasionally resurfaces. Bonne Chance had followed me on Twitter the summer before, and I fell in love with their gorgeous dresses. I looked at the site whenever the sickness got especially bad, and dreamed of making my first purchase. When Christmas came, I finally got my dress. It was made of a gorgeous watercolor floral print, and I loved it. I felt very pretty whenever I wore it, even if I hardly went out.

   A few months later, they had a giveaway. The goal of the giveaway was to spread happiness. To enter, you tweeted something nice about somebody--anybody. This was right up my ally, a giveaway for spreading happiness? I had been on independent study at the time, so I spent a lot of time on the internet. I tweeted thanks to friends and family, and nice things to people I looked up to, because why not? I smiled as I looked at other's sweet tweets that were so heartfelt. I was sick, but on Twitter, I didn't feel so. I felt really lucky to have been connected, through Bonne Chance, to such wonderful people.

  A couple days later, my headache was excruciating. My parents didn't know what to do and couldn't help me. I was at an all time low. Then, I got word I'd one the giveaway. I was so happy and could smile for the first time in months. I spent hours deciding on which dress to pick. I finally chose one with a cute school bus print (sorry, it's sold out now ):

   My whole family was so happy, we sent many thank you-s, and an email explaining what had happened. They sent one back, not in a form letter, that was so very sweet and made my day. They truly are the nicest company that I have ever had the pleasure of finding. A couple days later, the dress arrived. Or should I say dresses. There were four neatly packaged dresses. I was so awestruck and giddy, and I still get excited thinking of it. All of them were so so so adorable! I wear them regularly. I was so so so happy and I forgot about all of my miserable sickness for a few glorious minutes. I thanked them profusely, but I truly cannot thank them enough, not just for the dresses, but for the all the happiness they have brought me.

  Since then, I have gotten a lot better. My headache seldom comes back, and not as badly. My dizziness is also much better. Bonne Chance Collections has become a dear friend, and I am so very very glad for their existence, and want to do all I can to help them succeed. This post was not sponsored, and these are genuine, honest opinions of this wonderful store. I really mean everything I said here, and I'm not overselling or making anything up. I am not exaggerating, and I really feel this way.

  I highly recommend buying from them, and please tweet/pin/post this post, because their company deserves to be seen by any fashionista with a flair for adorable vintage fashion. And well you're at it, don't forget to follow them on facebooktwitterpinterestpolyvoretumblr, and instagram.

         A million thank you-s, Bonne Chance Collections!

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  1. Bonne Chance has become a friend of our whole family and we all love them.Youare so cute in the dresses.They are made for you,Hannah.