About Me

I'm Hannah Hightman. My first introduction to the blogsphere was at 9, when I started a project at my school to save the Totoro forest. I first got the idea to start a personal blog when I was 11. I eagerly set up my blogger account, found I had absolutely no clue what to do, and forgot the password for a year. At 12, I began to chronicle my unconventional tastes which prompted the title of this blog, "The Avant Garde Tweener." I happily blogged for a year, popping in now and then to put my (now cringe-worthy) two cents in. However, eventually, in the year that followed. I became neglectful of this blog, in the interest of my museum. I have since taken a hiatus from the museum, written for a couple of other sites, and have now returned to blogging. Although I have moved past the label of "tweener," I am happy to keep the title of the blog for its personal significance. I am now using the blog for its original use as a place for me to express my interests, share my inspirations, and connect with like-minded people. Thanks for taking a peek!